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Let’s face it – there’s no such thing as “phone sex” anymore. There’s simply no need – instead we can talk dirty via text and even send sexual photos or videos to one another. This trend – also known as sexting – is an easy way to get hard and maybe enjoy a little live show with another horny albeit solo person. I won’t lie – I love sexting and probably swap dirty pics and chat with about a dozen or so girls per day. Upon hearing of my conquests, many friends and online buddies have asked: are there any sexting websites worth my time?

The answer is not about websites – that’s old school. People should be looking to smartphone apps designed for sexting with anonymous yet horny people in a safe and secure way. Many people worry that nasty pictures of themselves will end up in the wrong hands – so make sure you’re using a reputable service. And use common sense – blocking your face in some manner while still remaining sexy isn’t easy, but necessary.

One popular sexting app is iSexyChat and is available both online and on your smartphone, connecting horny individuals to each other interested in a little fun. The website offers free chat rooms while the mobile app makes sexting potential mates a breeze. Remember that this isn’t a hookup site – it’s a sexting and cyber sex website. Is it possible you could maybe meet one of the hotties you send your dick pic to? Yeah sure – but don’t make that your main mission

I’ve used this app a little bit, mainly when I’m bored at work. I can flirt and sext with girls from all over the world – it’s like having a singles bar in my pocket. Sometimes I take extended breaks and have silent video sex with girls in the upstairs bathroom – it’s the best way to improve an afternoon let me tell you. It’s not my favorite app in the world as I am interested in very specific dirty talk – and some girls just can’t get into it.

For freaky people looking to sext with other fetish-lovers (such as me), there is another website and app available. Sextmessenger is exactly what it sounds like – text horny girls in your area and get deep into the flirting and eventual mutual cum shots. There are a lot of different people on this site – men and women, both looking for a good time. From naked selfies to real-life hook ups, this app has it all. I’ve used this app a ton – mainly for sexting. I use specific hook up sites if I actually want to get laid – but let’s be serious, who has time to fuck ten girls a day?

Sexting websites and apps are the best when you are in a pinch but I find that hookup apps that have messenger features are best. Who doesn’t want to know that at any moment, they can reach into their pockets, pull out their phones and have incredibly nasty sexts sent to them? That little vibrate indiciating a text may start to have an effect on your sexual drive – so be careful at work. You wouldn’t want your phone up when you get that topless photo of the barely legal co-ed. You also don’t want a hard-on when you walk into the conference room, so keep your sexting life on the down low.

So I’ve compiled a list of Sexting Guidelines to help people wade into the waters instead of making a splash. Splashes are risky and can set you up for failure, while going in calm and slow is a more secure approach with a much higher success rate. It’s a win-win you shouldn’t ignore if you want to get serious about the art of sexts.

Initiating Contact

Sexting is great, but how do you find someone to sext? Are you using one of the apps/sites listed about like Sextmessenger or iSexyChat? These are great for finding like minded individuals for a little fun but if you get a little bored, you can use free apps or sites like Tinder or POF to have fun and develop your skills.

Initial messages to someone you don’t know can be tricky. There’s a lot of advise on the subject but when you are in the moment looking to connect, it can be a little nerve-racking. You want to have some connection with the person on the other end and don’t want to feel rejected. Knowing how to both offer up some vulnerability while also engaging while seeming normal can feel like an intense proposition… Especially when you’re staring at a blank screen.

Just remember, this is all supposed to be casual and treat it like such. Don’t give your life story and for the love of god, please, don’t start with “i just noticed your profile and…” or something else that will bore he in the first sentence. You want to excite and engage her which means you should mention something specific in her profile, give her a little jab and ask her a question. Think of this as starting a dialogue, not sending a letter.

She Responded, Now What?

Awesome, she actually wrote back! What now?

It’s important to take a breath and don’t respond right away. You have initiated engagement but it’s just the beginning. Now that you’re in, think of this as a conversation happening in slow motion. Your only goal now should be to go from the native messenger you’re using to trading phone numbers and starting to text. Don’t be too aggressive here. She wants to be entertained and engaged, but she also wants you to like her for who she is even if this all totally casual. When you are too aggressive it shows her that you aren’t interested in what she’s saying, you’re just working towards a goal.

After sending her another message, timing becomes everything. If she responds quickly, then you’ll want to transition to the phone quickly. If it’s a couple days, then try something a little more saucy to motivate her to want to talk to you faster in a couple days.

Transition to the Phone

Once you’ve done a little back and forth, it’s time to ask for her number. I like to add a incentive and be a little cheeky when I ask for it. For example, I might ask her something like “You’re really cute and seem pretty great but your (use a playful example like “love for cats”, “hatred for my Cowboys”, etc) seriously concerns me. Should we try to find some middle ground via text?”

It’s a really simple and fun way to ask her for her number without beating around the bush. It’s indirect, but direct at the same time and that’s what a lot of the girls you might find looking for casual flings are looking for.

Moving from Texting to Sexting

Here’s where it really gets fun. I’ve found that initially once you start texting, she might seem a little more reserved than your original messaging. Remember that her guard is now up. A moment ago you were not really a person to her, but transcending technologies puts her vision of you into a more realistic dimension. In other words, things got a little more real.

Keep playing the game but don’t get flustered if she seems more hesitant to engage. It’s up to you to lighten the mode and let her know you’re not a threat. The best way I’ve found to do this is by revealing a small vulnerability about myself that will be relatable. This tends to lower her guard so you can transition from playful from flirtatious.

There’s a bit of an art to this portion, but it’s definitely a skill anyone can pick up over time. It’s just a matter of practice and perhaps learning a little psychology too. Think “outside in.” What I mean by that is to ask questions a little more sexual in nature, but ask them about their experience  and do it in a fun way. For example, write something like “Ok, ok I think we can be friends since you at least like football. But do you watch it just for the tight pants?” This gives her an opening to start writing in a slightly more sexual manner. Often times, that’s all it takes and you’re off to the races!

Just remember sexting is a game of finesse and stay patient. If you feel like you want to get some practice in, start with girls further away from you. In case it does turn into something more, you may want to meet up and you don’t want to burn all the bridges in your town while you’re learning how to sext.

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